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in laptop what is used ,

By smile_rainbow2002 ·
in laptop what is used i mean rimm or simm or dimm or all

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by dmiles In reply to in laptop what is used ,


Most laptop memory would be identified SODimm,per manufacturer.

The latest models will be using DDR

See the Kinsgston Memory Guide from their Web site

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by sgt_shultz In reply to in laptop what is used ,

it will all be different so you need to order from somewhere where they can help you figure out exactly what you need. if it is unbranded or funny brand laptop, that is ok. a competent place will help you get the right memory regardless. i like www.memory4less.com but i would call them not order over internet. just my 2 cents. i don't do much memory anymore if i can help it. what a hassle. the chas and others are more experienced to advise...

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by zaferus In reply to in laptop what is used ,

Sgt nailed it here. Going to a memory specific / laptop specific web site should give you the information you need.

I just do a google for the: make +model +memory and I usually get the specs on the type and speed of memory used in the first or second hit.

Just a side note: Most non-manufacturer memory will void your warranty. However - Kingston RAM is accepted by most laptop manufacturers to keep your warranty intact as long as it was installed by a "certified" tech.


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by TheChas In reply to in laptop what is used ,

It depends on the age and make of the laptop.

Older laptops used several different styles of SIMMs and DIMMs.

Newer laptops use SODIMMs. The SO stands for small outline.

The best way to determine what memory you have and need is to go to the laptop manufactures web site and key in the model and serial number.
They will be able to tell you how the laptop was configured when it shipped, and what type of memory it uses, along with available memory options.

Alternately, you can go to one of the major memory manufactures and use their memory locater to see what they have to offer.





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by willcomp In reply to in laptop what is used ,

Just an addendum to all of the above. I recommend Crucial's web site since they sell direct and stock older memory modules that may not be readily available elsewhere. Also think their site is easier to navigate and has larger list of PC models to choose from.

All 3 manufacturers recommended by TheChas supply high quality modules.

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