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In light of the Big 3 visit to D.C. this makes for interesting viewing

By sleepin'dawg ·
Interesting ??.
This is a video of a new Ford plant in Brazil .
One look at this and you will be able to tell why there will probably never be another one built in the USA .

It will also point out why more assembly plants will go offshore.


and?? pay attention to the last few words.

It says a lot!

Dawg ]:)

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Funny thing....

by road-dog In reply to In light of the Big 3 vis ...

The big 3 auto makers are ailing badly here in the US, yet there is a test lab for success right in the organization.

Congress is pressing the big 3 to provide a plan for success before offering bailout money. I wonder if they might submit this division's business model as their plan, simply restructuring CONUS plants along this same model.

Then the congress must decide how much the UAW's support means to them. The rest of the US might think it's a good plan, especially since it is already working in an non-union way. The theoretical has been removed.

If the congress decides that the UAW is too big a constituency, then Ford et al. can move down south and begin operating profitably.

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The way the companies are structured, it's only the US and Canadian.......

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Funny thing....

divisions that are problematic. Ford owns Volvo and the rumour going around that Volvo is up for sale. The best part of that rumour is that it is a Ford owned enterprise that will buy it. The unions will be the death of free enterprise yet.

Dawg ]:)

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