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In Need of a Web Team

By WebDevHead ·
I am in quite a predicament at my work and hope that some of you can help me in my decision making. Here's the situation:

I work for a non-profit organization that has about 500 employees and is split into over 180 different programs.

We have a web site that consists of over 3500 pages. Most of it was setup by myself with the help of one or two others in the company.

In addition to this main site there are other "Child" projects that are going on in different departments, each with its own web site needs. One of these child projects I work on as my "position".

Basically, what I'm getting at is my work management doesn't see the need to have a web team to handle all of these "child" projects as well as the main company web site. They say that there is no money to pay the salaries of a web team. The funny thing is that in our company right now, we have three or four people that can be considered web gurus (including myself). We also have someone who is a programmer. All of us are being paid now, but we are in different departments, working on separate projects (but EVERY aspect of these web projects).

My company is wanting a complete redesign of the internet and intranet sites, but they want to keep all ofthe web gurus in their own separate departments. This just won't work, but I don't know how to explain this to management.

By reading this message, you can probably see how complicated this mess is and why I need help. Everybody seems to be turning to me since I am the "webmaster" of the main company site. I would like to make a presentation to management about how we need a web team, but I need some help from professionals about the effectiveness of a web team and how it will benefit thecompany to do things this way instead of splitting up all the web gurus (but asking them to work on projects together).

I'd appreciate any input.


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by netops In reply to In Need of a Web Team

It always seems that in order to get what you want, you've got to put it in writting. It seems as though you already know what you need to do.
My one question is, is management looking at a time frame for all of this to be done. If so, you can usethis element to your advantage. Let them know that this will not happen unless you can get these guys to solely concentrate on the Web project. If not, then you will have to come up with the list of people that you need on this web team. Let them know what projects they are currently seperatly working on, and how this project is much more important and needed. If you organization receives a lot of it's recognition through the websites, you can use this too. Show how many people hit the site, give e-mails of people who apprectiate the sites. Whatever kinda stats, numbers, you can pull from the websites (traffic, old/new content). Give examples of other companies/organizations that have a seperate web team, and how productive they have become. Obviously, you're gonna have to be creative in your approach. I hope this helps!

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I need your help

by chic In reply to In Need of a Web Team

I saw your topic and though I can't help you, I do believe you can answer a question for me, and hopefully you will. the default web site on one of our IIS 4.0 servers was deleted and emptied out of the recycle bin. can you tell me how to restore it, or at least point me to a source that can. direct email

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