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I have a MS 6378 Ver3 motherboard. For christmas I got a new case and a power supply for it, but unfortunately I lost the diagram that was on the inside of the old case and now I cannot remember where all the power cords go. The cords that I need to put on go from the actual switch on the case to the motherboard. Anyone know or have a diagram/picture that can give me or even make?

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The Owners Manual for this M'Board would be a good starting point

by OH Smeg In reply to In need of diagram

MSI are the makers if the above is correct. But you'll need the correct Model Number, you can start your search here once you have the details

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No manual, no luck.

by LittleWashu In reply to The Owners Manual for thi ...

I got the computer used with no documentation or anything, except for the diagram which I lost.

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Do you have a torch and magnifying glass?

by richard In reply to In need of diagram

My Partner has a "clicks and mortar" business (a shop and a website). She has been trading on line since 1997.
With machines that go back to those good old days right upto Pentium "D" machines I have had a few faults over the years.
The links that you are asking about tend to have lables on them such as HDD, RSET, PWR etc.

On most motherboards in ver small writing you should find a cluster of pins and printed beside on the board is a picture with the pin configuration.
This varies on all mother board but I havn't come accross a motherboard that doesn't have it.

the alternitive is do a google search for the motherboard manual and that will tell you where on the motherboard the pins are.

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by LittleWashu In reply to Do you have a torch and m ...

I was able to find my motherboard in the MSI archives at the very bottom of the page. Talk about being bottom of the rack. Thanks guys.

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as Richard said

by Churdoo In reply to Do you have a torch and m ...

If you can't find or decipher the inscription etched onto the mainboard itself, then google is your friend.

Here's a link to the downloadable user manuals from the mfr website.

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