In need of help for aquiring NT service pack 6 for Vista x64

By c1utch ·
I just recently got a new modem from my ISP, i setup my living room pc, using the setup from the disc they provided, now im trying to do it for my son's pc, and it gives me a error in the setup that i need NT SP 6, ive searched the internet for hours now, and i cant seem to find a download link more precise im running 64bit and need a 64bit SP6 to finish setting up the internet in his room, thanks for viewing this in advance, and thanks for help in advance.

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What exactly where you asked to load here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to In need of help for aquir ...

There is not SP6 for Vista let alone the 64 Bit version so you must need something for an application inside Vista.


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It says

by c1utch In reply to What exactly where you as ...

It says that, in order to proceed with the setup i need NT service Pack 6, and it says i have NT Service Pack 2.... im really stumped here.

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copy and paste

by CG IT In reply to It says

so we know what and why it says you need SP 6 ...

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Driver Folder

by TheChas In reply to In need of help for aquir ...

I'm going to guess that you are installing a driver and either the install CD does not have a Vista folder, or the INF file pointed to the wrong folder.

If it is a device, back out of the driver install until you have the option to specify location. Then, browse to the Vista folder on the driver CD and go from there.

If my guess is wrong, please provide us with as much detail as you can.

What disk are you using?
Make and model of the modem?
What version of Windows is on the computer that works?
How your network is setup?

If you use a router or switch, you should not need a modem driver on any of your PCs. Even if the modem is also a router, you should only need to configure it from one computer and have access from your other computers.


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