in need of help with MS Virtual Server...

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First off, thank you for taking the time to read my question. Can someone throw some advice my way concerning how binding IP addresses to one nic works with Virtual server works...pleaase help.

The network is as follows:
server 2003 enterprise
RAID 5 500GB total
10 IP addresses
Bandwidth 2500GB
uplink speed 100Mbps
IPMI installed
The main server is the DC and has AD running as well as DHCP, DNS, RRAS and VPN.

Virtual Server 2005
virtual server #1 "D" server 2003 standard for SQL database
virtual server #2 "E" server 2003 standard for web hosting 3 websites...all three must have different IP addy.
virtual server #3 "F" server 2003
standard for mail server (MS Office Communications Server)

The virtual machines are set to use the MS Loopback adapter to get out of the virtual network and are set to use the virtual nic (same nic as physical machine) with dynamic MAC addy. Binding the IPs on the physical nic is not working...what is the step I am missing?

Thank you.


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