In need of help with slow laptop and more

By thebeav3000 ·
I use a Toshiba Satellite Laptop and the model number is P15-S409. As of late my computer is running a bit slow. I have gone through with all the basic and essential maintainance like disk cleanup, defrag, disk check for errors, run spyware and adware program, anti-virus, etc. At this point, since I have not really been able to get much improvement, I am wanting to reformat my hard drive and just do a clean start. Here's where the problem is. The CD/DVD drive is worthless as it no longer works. I have searched for hours on various forums looking for the right answer to get it to work and all to no avail. So, 1) Does anyone know of any tricks to get this drive to work for me? 2) If not, any idea where I can purchase another CD/DVD drive that's reasonably affordable and will be compatible with my laptop? 3) Can you tell me what brand and model number to buy? 4) Please offer any other advise that could possibly pertain to this matter. I appreciate any input offered and thank you for taking the time to read through this.

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Two options I can think of

by Tig2 In reply to In need of help with slow ...

You can pick up a new external CD/DVD drive for about $100 (less likely now that it is Christmas) which would meet most of your needs. Unfortunately, I don't think that you would be able to boot from it which doesn't solve this problem unless you do a normal boot and then run the restore.

You can also have the drive replaced. I know you're in Poway but there is a Microcenter location in Tustin (Orange County). While I know that is a lengthy drive (I lived near El Cajon for five years and am a native Californian) I like Microcenter for their professional staff and service excellence. Their service technicians are warranty certified and do good work. They also have the best prices on computer equipment and tend to carry the best of breed all the way through consumer lines.

If the drive is dead, the drive is dead. Likely to be head failure. You'll not resurrect it.

I am including the Microcenter link to store locations. Give it a look. One caveat- backup everything that you want to save before taking the machine to anyone. They are likely to reimage it... which is also what you want!

Good luck!

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Good news!!!

by thebeav3000 In reply to Two options I can think o ...

TiggerTwo, thank you for the advise. However, I have great news. Somehow, someway, given all that I have looked at and tried to do with this laptop, I managed to stumble upon an option that I am not all too familiar with. Apparrently in "Component Services" which is in administrative tools, I had the "IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service" disabled. Again, I am not at all familiar with it's function but I set how it starts-up from disabled to automatic, rebooted my laptop, and voila!!! My CD/DVD drive is still a bit finicky, but I was able to use the manufacturer's boot disk and completely reformat my hard drive. My laptop is finally itself again!!!! Thanks again for the quick response. And I may still very well end up purchasing another drive anyway, and through the weblink you provided. Peace!!

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