In need of serious WSUS help

By kallasa ·

Not only am I new to this field, but I started my job as an intern and became admin on day 1.

I am walking into a situation where WSUS 3.0 was already installed on a server running Windows Server 2003. I have been trying to figure out how to configure client computers to contact WSUS for updates without having to go to each computer and set this up.

One issue is that we are only a branch company and I have no access to the DC.

The domain admin responsible for the DC set up a WSUS GPO. I have attempted to use this GPO to configure client computers to point to WSUS but I am missing something. I can now finally see some of the computers in our network but not all.

I would like to exclude some computers (servers, etc) but I am running into so many issues.

The computers that do show up have a yellow ! by them. I cannot even use the reports option.

What do I do and how to I configure this without having to go to each individual computer?


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