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    In Outlook 2003, “New Mail Desktop Alert” displays twice?


    by l-mo ·

    Has anyone ever had Outlook 2003’s “New Mail Desktop Alert” display twice for each e-mail?

    For one of my users, Outlook replays the alert. It shows the graphic alert, pauses, then plays the sound and the graphic. Thankfully, the sound only plays once. BTW, she gets a few hundred e-mails a day (that can get annoying).

    I reviewed her rules, she had none. I checked her settings (Tools\Options\E-mail Options\Advanced E-mail Options\Desktop Alert Settings) and it seemed fine so I shortened the time just to apply a change but it didn’t help. I created a new profile (Control Panel\Mail) and nothing. I ran a detect and repair and still nada…….

    I checked the hardware, and it seems fine. Event Viewer, HD free space, Defrag; nada.

    I’m stumped. My next move is going to be to analyze what processes are running and why?

    Any thoughts?

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      by l-mo ·

      In reply to In Outlook 2003, “New Mail Desktop Alert” displays twice?


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      It sounds like a 3rd party Mail Monitor is running …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to In Outlook 2003, “New Mail Desktop Alert” displays twice?

      I don’t use Outlook as I consider it to be a toy, and a toy that easily gets broken.

      I do however use Gmail which has online access 24 hours a day. I use a 3rd party Mail Monitor that presents me with a Toaster-style right-hand popup for email alerts. The sound and double graphics can be tuned or disabled as per the user’s preferences.

      Check in the system tray for a 3rd party routine. You’ll also be able to find it if you download and run ‘Autoruns’:

      When you run this it will list everything that loads at boot. What you’re looking for will be present in the first 5 categories and there is a description for each item to help you narrow it down.

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        I had not thought of Autoruns

        by l-mo ·

        In reply to It sounds like a 3rd party Mail Monitor is running …

        Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t thought of Autoruns.

        We’re using exchange at a business. They also run Office Communicator; which I thought could be the culprit. Autoruns seemed fine, I think. And as I tested and tried to monitor it wouldn’t do it.

        Now it’s been fine. I asked the user to take note of what she runs when this happens but for the past few days everything has been fine. Oh well….

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          If I had to make a guess…..

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to I had not thought of Autoruns

          … and I don’t like to guess… but if I HAD to make one…. I would say she was double clicking the icon in the quick launch area and starting Outlook twice. I’ve seen many people do this and run all day not knowing they’ve got two copies of Outlook running. I had to teach them not to double click those icons. Although I’ve never actually witnessed the notification display twice, it IS possible.

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