In OWA 2007, some folders will not accept "move email" or dragged email

By eduane ·
I have seen this issue a few tmes now and was wondering if anyone can pin point why the following problem occurs:

Some users are unable to drag or move an email to some of their folders (not all) but only in OWA.

They are using a WINXP system with IE 7.0

Any answers or guidance would be appreciated.

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Does this help you?

Moving messages between folders
Use your mouse to drag a message from one folder and drop it into another.
a) Ensure that your folders are displayed at the left side of the window. Select the
source folder for the move so that its messages are summarised in the right.
b) In the list of messages, hold down the left mouse button with the pointer over a
message to be moved, and drag it to a destination folder in the folders list. Release
the mouse button to drop the message into the destination folder.
c) Move a group of messages in the same way, after first using Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click
to select the group, in the usual Windows manner.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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No it doesn't, but thank you.

by eduane In reply to Does this help you?

These are direction on how to move an email to a folder which we have tried. It works with some folders but others show the circle/ icon indicating the email will not be moved to that specific folder. To other folders there is no problem, but to some it is impossible. I believe it may have something to do with how the folder was created, but cannot find any empirical evidence to confirm it. Thanks for trying, but this does not solve my problem.

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