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On missing files in XP,I to am receiving a message as I start up Window's."This application has failed to start because YIMAGE.DLL wasn't found.YPAGER.EXE-Unable to locate component" I am on disablity and can't afford to call microsoft or Sony( as I have a VAIO).Here's an interesting little Didi I phoned Microsoft in India,by mistake & had I lived there,because of my disablity, they would have helped me out free of charge, but Canada doesn't follow microsoft India"s office rules,here it doesn't matter if
you are on disablity or not you still pay.If anyone can help me with this problem, I would appreciate their help.(EH ISN'T IT GREAT TO BE
CANADIAN)Thank's for all your help, I need my P.C
it's like a brain for me,I couldn't survive with-
out it.Or live independently anyway.See i have have a chronic illness & it tell's me when to take my morphine and all my other cocktail of med's & when to pay my bill's on time,I had thought of doing a complete recovery, but i have
to many think's I would be afraid of loosing.
And i have no idea, about downloading imformation.But I don't want my P.C to crash !
So being the time of good will
toward's our follow men,all thoughts on this subject will be appreciated, Thank-you & Merry
Christmas! Pam S

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to In regards to Geoff59's c ...

Another option may be to insert a Password and allow the system to run for a short amount of time once you reach the password entry screen. I've found on a lot of XP machines that they need a break on loading to properly install all the files.

It seems as if the loading is working faster than the HDD can be read and you get all sorts of error messages on different computers at the opening of Windows so if you allow them a short break of around 30 seconds the problem has always rectified itself from previous experience.

But as I've never actually used a Sony VAIO you may need to tinker with the delay to see if things load properly a good idea is to wait for the HDD LED activity to go out and then press enter after typing in the password.


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by dmiles In reply to In regards to Geoff59's c ...

The easiest way to eliminate the problem would be to reinstall the newest final version of yahoo messenger and not any BETA.

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