In Search Of An Android Phone Email Client

By DomDee ·
In Search of an Android Phone Email Client* which allows me to see the entire (gmail) email label/folder pathname when scrolling through a list of folders specifically, for example, when moving an email from its inbox to a label/folder of my choice.

Yes! Indeed! My labels are very long - both in name length and in the number of sublevel labels/folders.

The standard Google gmail Android phone app will show a truncated view (typically with the ellipsis indicating what is being shown is not the complete pathname) of the label/folder pathname to the point where the app will display several label pathnames that would appear to have the same label name, when in fact they don't.

Last I was using the android phone app k-9 Mail which I luckily found on Google Play. It worked great but the developers recently made major changes to the app such that now it no longer shows the full label pathname just as I've explained above with the standard Google email Android phone app issue.

Of course, for one, I could randomly try a bunch of Android email phone apps (from Google Play) but I've decided to first ask the good folks here on this forum for app suggestions*. I'm sure I could track down and install the older but working k-9 Mail android phone app version but that's not a good idea because of at least in terms of lack of security updates particularly if and when the old app has reached or does reach it's EOL.

Im sure you'll want or would like more clarification, so just ask. Please see the *Note below.

Thanks in advance.


*Note: If you are running an Android email phone app, I'd like for you to run a test on your Android phone to see if your installed app displays full label/folder pathnames particularly when 'moving' an email from say your inbox to a label of your choice: 1) create a label/folder directory path, something like: Automobiles/United_States/General_Motors/Cadillac/Escalade/Model/ESV/Vehicle_Identification_Number/VIN_QW456GF9/Documentation (some android phones will not let you create a new label/folder; I've had to install the android phone app 'eLabels' to create such new labels/folders), 2) create and send a test email to yourself with at least a subject of something similar to the label path you've just created such as "Cadillac Escalade ESV VIN_QW456GF9", 3) now find that email you've just sent to yourself and 'move' it to that new directory you've just created. When you moved it, did you see the entire label/folder pathname?
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Checked a few. So far, no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to In Search Of An Android P ...

Maybe this isn't what an email client does. This sounds closer to two other systems.
1. Customer Relationship Management or CRM.
2. Document Management System or DMS.

Given your examples, much closer to the DMS. Email clients don't seem to be what you really want here. Yes, maybe some version came close at one time but the detail you wrote about isn't seen in all dozen or so email clients I've seen over the decades.

For a moment Outlook (Android) looked close but failed to show the full path. Most likely because how ugly it looks on the usual smartphone.

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