In search of an antivirus that can fix my files.

By markluduvic ·
A while back, my wife downloaded something my laptop was introduced to a virus. I'm not sure what it is called but it doesn't show the data when transferred to any other device.

For example, I have the data on my hard disk. Now when I copy files and folders to an external drive, it doesn't show it in the external drive when plugged in to another computer.

I would highly appreciate if someone could help me with it. Unfortunately, the virus has corrupted some of the important files and our wedding pictures as well. Please advise a suitable antivirus that can fix this thing.

@tcavadias could you please assist?
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Not knowing for sure what malware you're dealing with,

I would not use the laptop until I knew it was disinfected.
It sounds like you may have already, possibly (probably)
spread the infection to the other computer you attempted
to display drive contents on. So, to start, I'd download McAfee Stinger, save it somewhere on the affected PC.
Then reboot to Safe Mode, use Explorer to open the
folder containing Stinger, double click it and accept the
terms, then let it run a default scan, and fix whatever it
finds. Reboot into normal mode, and connect to internet.
Open your browser and head for Trend Micro Housecall
(may have to search using Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo)
Click the appropriate link to scan your system. Scan
and let Housecall fix whatever it finds.
You probably need to repeat this process with the
external drive attached, as well as performing these
steps on any PC you attached the external drive to.
Finally, whatever antivirus is installed on your system
I would make sure it was updated. If nothing else, at
least use Windows built in products (depending on the
version of Windows you use, Defender for Win10, MSE
for Win7, etc) Keep them updated and running at all
Good luck! Wiz

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Thanks! Will do so.

by markluduvic In reply to Not knowing for sure what ...

Thank you so much. I will definitely follow the procedure you have advised.

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My Reply

by RonCloudGeek In reply to In search of an antivirus ...

I would suggest running a deep scan with malware bytes to find and quarantine all the malware-infected files in your system.

After that run a Ccleaner scan to clean and speed up your PC.

I would also recommend installing adblocker on your browser to get rid of annoying malvertisements and annoying pop-ups while browsing the internet.

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