In search of single outlet for replacement LCD screens?

By SmartAceW0LF ·
I run a small repair shop and have had my fill of dealing with ebay to purchase replacement LCD screens for virtually every brand of laptops manufactured today. Does anyone on TR have any pointers on where I might begin looking to find a singular source for these? What I need is reasonably quick shipping and (hopefully) a sales rep I can speak with in the event there are problems with any of the purchases.

While I haven't encountered a lot of problems on ebay, occasionally one does need to be returned and the turnaround time is just ridiculous. That says nothing of the time involved in finding the correct screen, especially for any newer model laptops. Any help will be appreciated.

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these guys are not dirt cheap but they are good

by robo_dev In reply to In search of single outle ...
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Thank you very much guys....

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to In search of single outle ...

I will look them up tomorrow. If anyone else has any tips on this subject please speak up.

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My suggestion

by NIPSTech In reply to In search of single outle ...

I always look on eBay. Parts are usually easy to find, expecially Dell parts. I've gotten replacement Dell LCD screens for $25.00 and if purchased directly from Dell would cost over $100.00.

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eBay can be hit or miss, as the OP stated

by robo_dev In reply to In search of single outle ...

I've hit many 'home runs' on eBay, but also been burned a couple of times as well.

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Reponse To Answer

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to eBay can be hit or miss, ...

Indeed. While I must admit that I have had excellent results using ebay for the most part, the problem is on the unusual occasion that the part must be sent back for replacement. The sellers on ebay will rarely consider cross-shipping and often not reachable via telephone. And though the occasion is rare, how many customers are going to like waiting up to 14 extra days to get their PC back? I would rather pay a bit more and have a rep to speak with.

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