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In the UK, things are different

By jhoughton@communityschool ·
Im from the UK, and if you check any newspaper there, you will find that over 90% of jobs list the salary. Whats the reason? the employer does want to have their time wasted, and doesnt want you to waste your time.

oh my God, commons sense!!! in the UK!!! who ever would have thought of that.

I have been in the states for over 13 years, and am very disturbed by how salary is like a dirty word, a word you cant say in front of grandma, in fear she will tip over and die!

What i have noticed here, is that employers are looking to get someone in, at rock bottom prices. After all, most companies threaten their employees with being fired if they discuss their salary with any other employee. what is that, its because you can have two people who do the same job, have the same experience, and one is getting paid 10k less.

So, that is why salary has become a dirty word, it is because thats the way companies want it, so potential hires will sell themselves short, or be "shorted" by the companies.

People should learn form the UK's example. you it all on the table and be honest about the position, after all we are adults and professionals and should be treated as such, and with that attitude the potential employees may actually respect the company they are applying too and want to work there!


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If you're waiting for someone to disagree with you,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to In the UK, things are dif ...

I'm not him. I've never understood why publishing the salary is considered unacceptable. As you noted, why waste time selecting and interviewing someone only to find out he or she considers the offered salary to be chump change?

Maybe a recruiter or someone in HR can enlighten us.

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Same in Ireland

by Shellbot In reply to In the UK, things are dif ...

I look at the salary and decide if I am what they are looking for based on that.

For example, if I see a DBA job for 40K..ok..I'll apply..for way, they looking for an Access data entry person...for 80K..nope..I'm not "there" yet..and no way I'd get the job.

Some put "negotiable"..i generally stay clear of those, as I've found they are most often looking to pay as little as possible.

sometimes its all about expectations. Again, see a job with a list of 30 required skill sets and they offering 3 matching skills is going to come in pretty good because they'll take "what they can get"
now same job offering 70..I had better be good in at least 25 of those skills before i even think of applying!

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