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    In what aspect we can secure our networks


    by cachifox ·

    Many codes we apply to secure the networking system, however, hackers and other IT professionals are trying to decode the system.

    One of the Telecomunication company in the middle have able to sold their Internet Cards for many years. In my desire I by 1 card and I put the User’s ID and password (i.e. ID= 123456,Psw= ghugo2) in my Network Connection. But accidentally I enter-change it as (ID= ghugo2, Psw= 123456) and as I connect it, I was surprise, I have been connected.

    This things, we can say unseen mistake or the Network Administrator was not able to code it properly.

    This is just an example of the question “In what aspect we can secure our networks” that even to connect to the server we can access freelly.

    The main point is the security of our networks, the system is running all over the world. Firewall? may be not, hackers can still enter even the system have firewall.

    How?, what codes?, Is Oracle can block the codes?

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