In what form such Outlook stores its database?

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In Outlook-Express was stabbed Sent folder. To clean it, means windows removed from the folder "C: \ Documents and Settings \ 1234 \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Identities \ ......." send.dbx file and the next time you start Outlook, created to replace the old new folder. And ... there was a desire to recall the desired letter. What to do?
1) In what form such Outlook stores its database?
2) How to recover dbx base?

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Well the simple answer is No You Can Not!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to In what form such Outlook ...

If you deleted the Sent Folder in Outlook Express then it's gone particularly if you have used the system after deleting the File as it will have been overwritten and not recoverable with Normal Recovery Software.

If you really must Recover the Data you need to realize that it's going to be expensive and very time consuming. At the very least you'll need to expect the need to buy a replacement HDD to use in the system while a Data Recovery Specialist is attempting to recover the deleted file. Unfortunately it's not as simply as telling the recovery software the name of the file as it will immediately see it there which is the replacement file and want to go straight to that.

You need to do a Forensic Recovery here which is a Bit By Bit recovery the last one I did took 80 Hours to run but that was on a 20 GIG Drive so a bigger drive will take longer.

It also recovered many files of the same name some where part files others where the complete file but not the one that was wanted. One was the correct file and because the data on that file saved a Tax Audit the 65K that the recovery cost was worth it to the company involved. I very much doubt that any Domestic Person would be willing to spend that much to recover what is effectively a rubbish file.

Of course there is another alternative which involves dismantling the drive coating the platters with some Green Goup and then inserting the platters into a Special Machine and reading them directly. This is what On Track did with the recovered HDD's from Colombia and with at least one drive they recovered 100% of the data. I though that was very good but I shudder to think what the cost of that recovery was. Of course it was much cheaper than repeating the experiment it was recording but I very much doubt that would have got much change from 1 Million $.

OH and BTW the software I used for that Forensic Recovery cost me 15K so it's not something you can get off the Internet free.


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Possible to retrieve by a data recovery software

by danieleaton In reply to Well the simple answer is ...

In today, lots of data recovery software can able to recover lost files from outlook express. So before purchasing any software read thoroughly the features.

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