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    In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?


    by Michael Kassner ·

    Many organizations make the mistake of considering compliance to regulations such as Sabanes-0xley or HIPAA as a “get it over with” proposition. Others use the changes they’ve implemented to make their businesses more competitive. What has been your organization’s experience?

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      A TechREpublic Poll Would Be Interesting

      by wayne m. ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

      I would be curious as to how many people feel that compliance has made their organization strogner, versus weaker, versus neutral affect. I can’t personally speak to Sarbanes-Oxley, but I have a dim view of other compliance certificates such as CMM/CMMI.

      How about a poll?

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      Compliance makes for better PR

      by elizabethwilmot ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

      We, Data Decimation, have several large national clients who have used our certified data destruction service in order to promote their brand. Data Decimation offers data and media destruction performed in a federal government facility with destruction certification issued directly by a DOJ division. This is the highest evidence of compliance available. Our clients use this ‘highest level of complaince available’ to let their existing and potential customers know how sensitive they are to data security issues. They use this as both brand promotion and brand insurance. For more information on our service, you can visit our website at

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        Added ownership within business streams

        by ranandg ·

        In reply to Compliance makes for better PR

        Compliance has meant that business now understand its their responsibility to operate controls and operate them effectively. What started as ”This is what we have to do to be compliant” has now been deeply embedded into day-to-day activities.

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      Very Expensive

      by isapp ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

      We certainly have lots more documentation, rules, regulations, procedures, committees, etc. I can’t really say that all the time and money spent has made us a better organization, and in some cases, compliance issues have siphoned off resources that might have been better spent providing services to our disabled/elderly clients. We’re a small non-profit yet we’re covered under the same HIPAA standards as huge insurance companies and HMO’s. It’s waaaay overkill for us.

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      by andrewjhonston12 ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

      I think compliance makes organization more stronger & effective. Since you have to work according to them & comply them. I am working in medical device company. As you know for a medical device industry their are so many compliance. Some times it very hard to follow all the but……Even for compliance related issue i am suggesting my company to give training to the employees. For that i found Lets see how it goes.

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      Online Training Webinars – Globalcompliancepanel

      by andrewjhonston12 ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

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        About GlobalCompliancePanel Webinars

        by aislinben ·

        In reply to Online Training Webinars – Globalcompliancepanel

        I have had the opportunity to hear experts up-close during the webinar I attended. It was a great learning experience. I would like to thank GlobalCompliancePanel for the wonderful service they provided.

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      DHF, DMR, DHR, Technical File and Design Dossier – Key Requirements

      by andrewjhonston12 ·

      In reply to In what ways has compliance made your organization stronger?

      Overview: This webinar will examine the existing and proposed requirements for the FDA’s DHF – including its derivative documents, the DMR and DHR.

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