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inaccessible hard drive

By ralphael ·
glad to find your web site..i have a storage HD for DL's only.i was DL overnite and i guess i ran outta day i went to click the HD and it read that the HD was >inaccessible< the >parameter is not correct<. now something similiar like this happened to me a few weeks ago were i lost a folder (said it was inaccessible)win'xp told me to run CHKDSK.i ran it ..restarted pc.and when windows restarted it did a recovery sorta thing where it recovered lost/orphaned files (its a real fast screen)and was able to read many of the things it was recovering.i ran chkdsk many times for my HD but was unable to recover anything at this time.winxp sytem restore also didnt help.i like to see what other options there are b4 i have to do a clean reformat and lose everything.anything else u need to know please ask..send any replies to sincerely

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by Blackcurrant In reply to inaccessible hard drive


The first thing to do is to run any drive diagnostic programs which came with your hard drive. Also, how old is your drive? Have you checked in Device Manager and also looked at the event logs for any indication of the problem?

Have you also tried to run any third-party diagnostics?

Let us know what size/model/manufacturer your drive is and someone may be able to offer more specific help.

Good luck

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by glyall In reply to inaccessible hard drive

I would do a diagnostics on your PC
I would check your full systems
to see if you have other problems too

if you answers here do not help
try doing a google search for
"inaccessible hard drive"
I found over 300 hits for it

good luck

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by Hockeyist In reply to inaccessible hard drive

I use r-studio to recover data from corrupt drives/volumes. Works really well. It even works accross networks. It's worth a try...
More tips and info here

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