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Inappropriate Email ? For Infosec Pros

By Brew904 ·
I committed one of the stupidest acts imaginable last week. I sent an inappropriate picture attachment from my blackberry, through my work email. I forgot to click off my corporate email and to my personal email when I sent it. It did not get sent to any address (came back as undeliverable). I quickly deleted all evidence on both my phone and desktop, including the undeliverable message.

My question for those in Infosec is what is the likelihood of this getting picked up by a screener? I work for a large company (30,000 people) and there was no text in the email or a anything in the subject line.

And please no preaching to me about the stupidity of my act, I have sworn and prayed that I will never be so stupid in my life again. Hoping and praying that no one sees this picture.

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RE:- what is the likelihood of this getting picked up by a screener?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Inappropriate Email ? For ...

It's very likely to be picked up for several reasons. The first is that there was no subject line text and it was bounced as Undeliverable so it's been through the system at least twice.

Once on the way out and once on the way back notifying you it was not delivered.

Now depending on the company involved it may be missed but if they have even a part way decent filtering system it should have been flagged and a copy sent to whoever is responsible for monitoring the companies E Mail.

If you have heard nothing for a couple of days in any system that I setup it would be because the Powers that Be are deciding on what action to take and when they have made their decision you'll know all about it.

Also if the Blackberry is Company Propriety I would be also asking what it was doing on that as well as the clear breach of Company Policy in forwarding it on.

Of course if it's your Blackberry things are completely different and the worst that can happen is you get to sample the Company Policy on this and answer why you are using their network for Personal Messages.


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Blackberry ownership

by Brew904 In reply to Inappropriate Email ? For ...

That is what clouds this a bit. I get a monthly stipend for cell use, and the bill is my mine and the companies names.

Curious that the message would be flagged just because it was undeliverable. I would anticipate hundreds, if thousands of bounce back messages a day in a company this size.

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Playing Stupid

by Brew904 In reply to Inappropriate Email ? For ...

This doesn't appear to be an option for me either if questioned.

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