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By leej3 ·
We use MS Outlook 2003. A user has attached a .PPTX file to an email and sent it to 30 users. Out of the 30 users, 5 of them receive it as a .ZIP file and when you open it, it contains .XML, .RELS, .PNG and .JPEG files (533 files to be precise). Is there a setting somewhere to stop this from happening? We have the Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System installed.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Incoming email attachment ...

Try saving it as a Power Point Show (.PPS) instead. PPS is intended as a "ready-to-go" format to send out, and not to edit.

Since they're sending it to 30 users, I expect that it's not intended to be edited.

For the 5 users who get it as a .ZIP, do they have all of the latest versions and updates installed? It sounds like they might be on a previous, but compatible version.

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by leej3 In reply to PPS

All the latest Microsoft updates had been installed but I found that some mandatory company updates had not been installed, which included the latest version of Max Compression.

Also two versions of Winzip (11.1 and 11.2) were installed. Uninstalled 11.1, rebooted machine and sent a successful test email.

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Wow! If one of my users did that

by Kenone In reply to Incoming email attachment ...

I'd probably disable their account. Put it on a share and e-mail the link.
By the way I received an "Advisory" from Microsoft a while ago to use the old file extensions as the default, they listed a bunch of reasons most of which sounded like PR.

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