Incoming email not being received. Outgoing is fine, internal is fine.

By ebroughton ·
I am currently using SBS 2003 along with Exchange Server 2003. I have recently been having some network issues. I walked in one morning and my design department could log onto the domain but would take an rediculous amount of time. And their outlook apps lost connection to Exchange server. What it came to be was the DNS had stop running. After getting the restarting the DNS, ever since then any incoming emails from outside the company cannot be received. No error messages, just doesn't arrive. Is this a DNS issue? IIS issue?

We had all incoming phone calls to the company down as well. We run those lines off of our T1. I'm pretty sure that email and internet are also intertwined with one of our T's. We got our incoming phone lines back up and running after technicians came out. But still no incoming email? Would this have something to do with it?

If anyone can help me with my issue here, it'd be really appreciated! Thanks!

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Internet Router is confused?

by robo_dev In reply to Incoming email not being ...

From the outside, can you ping your email server? It sounds like either the routing table or configuration of your edge router is hosed.

What did these technicians do, exactly? If the answer is that they replaced your cisco edge router, then that's the issue.

Also, dependiing what the network failure was, your ISP may have a router that's down as well.

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by Nimmo In reply to Incoming email not being ...

Get and address of an email that you know was sent from an external source but wasn't received by the internal user.

Open exchange system manager and use the tracking utility and take a look and see what is happening this will tell you if the exchange server did receive the email and what it did after it received it.

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MX record

by crt In reply to Incoming email not being ...

Is your DNS still providing an MX record to the outside world?

nslookup -type=mx [your domain name]
should return a line similar to:
[domain name] MX preference = xx, mail exchanger = [your server]

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