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    Incoming Faxes


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    Warner cable wants to charge me $29.95 for a simply fax line, no add ons included. As I remember several years ago I had a fax program where the incoming fax arrived on my computer and I printed it out. It was very simply and very easy. At that time I had a phone line for the internet connection. Now I have a cable connection. Is there a fax program available to do the same with cable? I would like to get rid of that separate fax line.

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      Not as such

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      Although you could try faxing over VOIP, which is an iffy proposition, and may cost you some cash as well (e.g., Skype in/Skype out). If you are using VOIP from Warner, you could try it.

      Otherwise, you can send internet faxes to other computers.

      Or get a fax modem and hook it up to a land line if you have it.

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