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Incomplete Spyware removals

By paul.roden ·
My copy of Spyware removal detected but did not completely remove two hidden embedded software
programs within Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. Now, it takes forever to load and execute Web searches and e-mail functions. How can I find and remove the errant DLL? This is on
my home PC, Intell 550 MHZ; 20 G hard drive with
Windows 98 first edition with Internet Explorer
6 and Outlook Explorer Version 6.


Paul Roden

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Incomplete Spyware removals

by JustAnAdmin In reply to Incomplete Spyware remova ...

What software were you using to search and remove the spyware?

I've found that using a combination of software has given me the best results. Spy Bot found quite a few entries that Ad Aware missed, a couple of which it could not remove until I configured it to automatically scan following a reboot. This enabled Spy Bot to start the scan again before Windows went ahead and loaded everything. It again found the two entries it couldn't remove before, but this time it was successful.

Hope this helps!

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Incomplete Spyware removals

by RCOM In reply to Incomplete Spyware remova ...

You probably can't delete the files because they are running in the backround. Try running the spyware scan in safe mode.

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Incomplete Spyware removals

by paul.roden In reply to Incomplete Spyware remova ...

I have downloaded two additional adware and spyware removeal programs. Once Outlook Express finally opens, commands are executed promptly, but is the initial opening of Outlook Express that is still sluggish. Internet Explorer is fine now.

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