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Inconsistent Domain Authentication

By Tim.Doyle ·
I'm having a weird problem, I run a mixed network of Netware 5.1 with an NT4 domain, my primary login is Netware which runs a login script to map drives, execute commands, etc.. My 98 and lower boxes seem to sometimes miss the domain controller authentication at login, though all are able to use Exchange server (this is the weird part). I'm able to test this by setting up a simple Domain login script which maps a drive to a simple "everyone" share. If I login and hit the domain properly it maps the drive and other times it misses about 60% of the time I'd say. My desktops run the Novell CLient 32 software of varying versions, different versions do not seem toa ffect this issue...oddly enough if I reverse the login order so they log into the domain first, then Novell it seems to work properly 100% of the time.

My big problem is I use a product called Websense to filter and monitor internet traffic among my users, if they miss the domain login then they will net get the proper filters applied to their default is more restrictive settings so its not security I'm worried about, its functionality.

NT-based OS's like 2k and XP Pro are unaffected since their clients process the NT login first.

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Inconsistent Domain Authentication

by curlergirl In reply to Inconsistent Domain Authe ...

I'm wondering if this is possibly a name resolution slowness issue. What are you using on the NT side to do name resolution - WINS or DNS? Win98 machines will have problems if there is no NetBIOS name resolution server (WINS). Just a thought. Hope this helps!

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