Inconsistent subnet mask assigned for VPN connection

By peakbagger66 ·
We have a win2k3 RRAS server serving up VPN connectivity. Addresses are handed out via DHCP relay agent and the network address range is When VPN clients connect, they receive an address in the range with subnet and no gateway (when the "Use default gateway on remote network" checkbox is unchecked). Quite often, clients are unable to access server resources in the range. When we do a route print, we see something like this: 1

When it does work, we see: 1

I am unable to determine why sometimes it hands out the correct subnet and other times not. We can work around it buy checking the "Use Default Gateweay" but we'd rather not have the clients' traffic routed through our slow internet connection. We can also **** away the route and add the corrected subnet mask manually. However, we would like this to "just work" without resorting to rebuilding the route on the client end. Can anyone shed any light as to what is going on here? Why so inconsistent?

Thanks so much!

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