Incorrect time on networked pc's??

By Mikebyrne000 ·
When users log onto the network there clock is out by 7 minutes

They log onto the "Falcon" domain but where do I change the clock so they are all the same??

(Ive checked the bios clock and windows clock on the pc's and they are correct, its just when they log onto the network)

The computers are running xp and server 2003

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They will be getting their time from the DC, probably

by neilb@uk In reply to Incorrect time on network ...

Start with your logon server time and work out.

You will want to set one server to get its time from an external source, the other servers to get their time from that one and the workstations will get their time on logon.

Google will get you loads of information.

Use w32tm /monitor /domain:yourdomain to get a list of what syncs with what and if there are issues.

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by Mikebyrne000 In reply to They will be getting thei ...

That command produces somthing like:

falconserve1.falcon.local [192.168.1. ICMP 0ms delay.

NPT: +0.0337500s offset from Falcon-DC-01.falcon.local

Is that suggesting that the time issue is coming from Falcon-DC-01.falcon.local?

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How correct is the time on that server? Falcon-DC-01.falcon.local

by neilb@uk In reply to Results

That's your starting point. Get that one right and the workstations should be correct.

The offset of your server falconserve1 is only 30ms so that's OK.

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Cant find machine in comms room

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to How correct is the time o ...

Is there a command I can send to the server if I cant gain access to the machine directly?

I cant find it on the monitors and cant access it remotely

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ha ha, you can't find the DC? and you can't access it?

by CG IT In reply to Cant find machine in comm ...

then who can? they are the one's who should fix the Windows time server that is if it actually needs fixing.

Windows Servers typically use as part of their machine data and time clock which Windows Time Service will use.

you can use but is the authoritative time source.

ooops your in Ireland... well there's the GMT time source in England....

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Lost in the maze

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to ha ha, you can't find the ...

Ive just taken over the IT here and you wouldnt belive the mess.

I know what IP it is but cant access that DC via remote desktop and the monitor in the "comms" room isnt connected to it. The boxs themselves arent even labled!

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well break out the labeler and log on locally

by CG IT In reply to Lost in the maze

if you know the IP address just check the nic card settings.

If you come back and say, well I can't log on locally, I don't have the account info, then either your not supposed to or your royally screwed.

Royally screwed meaning that if you can log on to the servers, you can maintain them so you'll have to reset the passwords which probably will break stuff.

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by Mikebyrne000 In reply to ha ha, you can't find the ...

Ive gone though the ip's of the machines and none are .11 which I'm looking for

When I try to access it remotly with the admin password I get:

"To log onto this computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through terminal server right. By default, members of the remote desktop users group have this right. If you are not a member must be given this right"

However, I can access all the other servers remotely with the admin password

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sounds like your screwed ....

by CG IT In reply to NIC's

if you can't physically find the server, which by process of elimination of logging in locally, and then labeling them, should be the last one, maybe "they" [whomever they is] hid it in some other closet. If your the only IT guy around, well have fun.

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Unless you can gain access

by neilb@uk In reply to NIC's

to the person who had the job before you, you have a problem.

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