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Correcting Pizza7

by jck In reply to Incorrect

Your savior Clinton started office with the national debt at $2.77 trillion and left office 8 years later and it was $5.77 trillion. Go look it up. How is that "balancing the budget". correct you:

If you will notice, Bill Clinton added only .45T total to the national debt in his second term. That was having an entirely Republican-controlled congress for that term, for 6 of the 8 years.

Bush spent $4 trillion in 4 years and this smuck spent that in 2.5 years. There is no end in sight. Have you seen his proposed budgets ? How is this change ? He wants to spend $1-2 trillion more thant we take in every year ? Where is our money going ? To projects like $24 million to study the drinking habits of Chinese prostitutes ? I thought this guy was going to be different ?

Actually, you're hyperfocusing on what he wants to spend on and stating falsehoods.

Obama actually has proposed lots of tax break cuts to private industry, which you should be all for since private industry can create growth on their own...right? So, let's start the end of welfare by stopping corporations getting free money from the

I am not a GW fan and dislike many Republicans...

To use a theme by good ole George Carlin: I'm not a bigot...I hate all politicians equally.

- but still I don't care what someone else does. It does not justify your actions. GW had a built-in office at his ranch. Barry is out golfing all the time. Have you ever seen a president come on TV to give us his NCAA Picks ? Who cares ?

Out golfing all the time? Really? Care to show pictures and document this accusation? Provide logs?

That I know, he's been on 3 trips to Hawaii that he golfed. He has family there, friends he grew up with, and people he has known most of his life.

Bush grew up in New England. He even got his drunk driving charge up there. He has no ties to Texas, other than politics.

Gas prices doubled in this administration.

Gas prices what? Under Obama? Hahaha.

I moved to Florida in 1997. In 1998 when I was driving back and forth to see family and friends in Oklahoma, I was paying around $1 a gallon. That was during Clinton.

During the end of the first term of the Dubya presidency, gas was running about $2.20 a gallon in 2004. In 2005 after Katrina, it was $3.30 a gallon here. At the end of Bush's 2nd term, gas was about $3 per gallon. Right now, gas 3 blocks from my house is $3.69 a gallon. By my estimation, that's about a 25% increase. Not 100%.

Learn math.

A record 52 million people on food stamps. Record foreclosures that are still doing on. 15 million people out of work. The Demacrooks have been hijacked by the communists/socialists/marxists (its all the same crap that has failed mankind time and time again). The Demacrooks know only how to spend, tax, and regulate us to death. That is why the economy dies when they are in power.

The thing you fail to realize: All the things that setup this economic failure of our system that the economy is now slowly recovering from...happened while Bush was president.

Govenor Jihndal was the only one working on the oil leak.

Three words that prove you wrong yet again: Admiral Thad Allen

There are modern techniques for this sort of thing. There were too many beaucracies out there....too many chiefs to go through. We denied the foreign help intially.

Hang on...what's the bureaucracy with BP buying safety equipment to pump up oil that spills on the ocean? Or maintain their rig properly?

If anything, BP (and TransOcean and Halliburton) didn't do what the bureaucracy told them to and that led to the tragic consequences.

So again, corporate greed ignoring safety guidelines (set by that horrid government) and being too cheap to stock a couple $32k machines on their rigs...means there's a .5" to 3" deep layer of sludge on massive areas of the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico.

In short: government didn't keep BP from having the equipment on the rig to clean up...their lack of willingness to spend on it did.

the housing crisis was largely caused by government intervention. government has no business owning mortgages. Fannie and Freddie were the biggest purveyors on the sub-prime mess. They have the most mortgages. since when did owning a house become a right ?

Actually, the biggest causes of the crisis were:

- loan officers in banks knowingly loaning money to people who didn't have a means to pay because they thought property values would keep climbing, and that would make the bank and themselves more money
- mortgage brokers who signed off on loans and didn't check income
- banks and their underwriters who were certifying loans solid investments, when they weren't which turned them into unstable investment commodities

Just because the rules are relaxed doesn't mean business has a right to find every loophole and ilkish way to manipulate the system to milk every penny they can get.

It was greed that caused it, not the fact they made it easier for a small percentage of Americans to get a loan.

socialist spreads poverty. we are seeing that now.

Oh yes...let's count the poverty...

First quarter 2011:
Exxon Mobil...profits up 69 percent
Royal Dutch Shell...profits up 30 percent
ConocoPhillips...profits up 43 percent

"The roughly three-quarters of companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index that have released their first-quarter results have reported 17% higher profits in total, marking the sixth quarter in a row of higher earnings. ", May 5, 2011

Kinda funny. All those companies doing so well should be booming.

Now, why isn't "growth" happening since all these companies have had 6 quarters of rising earnings? Didn't you say the private sector is the only one who causes growth?

Well, they're making their bigger profits. So, where's all the growth?

I can answer it: in their own wallet. Your hypothesis was wrong, your statement was obtuse, and you are the one who is incorrect.

Thanks for playing, tho. :)

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Two of those items I'd comment on.

by seanferd In reply to Correcting Pizza7

Gas prices: The reason they are still going up is that banks, while still refusing to lend money (which is what the bailouts were <i>for</i&gt have been speculating on petroleum and driving up the price. Disingenuous on their part, to say the least.

<i>Govenor Jihndal was the only one working on the oil leak. </i>

Bwahahahaha, hahaha, haha. Jindal was working on his own ecological disaster and financial folly alongside the BP disaster.

From just one blog, focused on sand, by a rather moderate fellow:
(Probably not in order, nor a full list)

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Being almost entirely not linked with this comment...

by NexS In reply to Correcting Pizza7

I'll only comment on one point: Petrol prices.

They're only going to go up. I can only speak from my local prices, but regular unleaded is roughly $1.45 per litre and the price rises are higher than the falls on any given day.
Not to mention that the BP issue would only increase the prices. Who has to pay for their mess-up? None other than the consumer.

It'll be the same case when the carbon tax comes into effect as well.
Damn these companies and their share holders.

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Ah yes, a great post worthy of the Maxwell Edison school of economics

by robo_dev In reply to Incorrect

that's a compliment, I believe. :)

The truth can be inconvenient, or so I've heard.

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Oh now, robo...

by jck In reply to Ah yes, a great post wort ...

Maxwell would not like the Al Gore-ness of that statement. That was a liberal attempt at humor you took there. :^0

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Talk to OPEC

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Incorrect

about gas prices.

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OPEC never returns my calls.

by seanferd In reply to Talk to OPEC

It doesn't send me flowers anymore.

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There's a reason why...

by jck In reply to OPEC never returns my cal ...

You left the harem! :^0

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Not to mention...

by jck In reply to Talk to OPEC

The investment speculators...from what I understand, 20% or so of the price per unit of gas is caused by price speculation on the investment markets.

Of course, petrol dropped $.20 a gallon here for some reason. I expect to hear that the US Senate is going to be having hearings soon on the issue. Seems like everytime oil companies know they're going to go under the gun, they make some move to go "Look, we do right." to do a CYA move for themselves.

Of course, gas prices will start rising by Wednesday again because of the Memorial Day weekend coming up. Probably go over $4 a gallon due to "speculated" fuel availability.

I should speculate my pay is going to drop, and therefore I won't pay my bills. Wonder if the financial community would like that. :^0

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by seanferd In reply to Not to mention...

Some of those speculators being the U.S. banks bailed out by the public. Who are also not getting loans for business from said banks and their downstream partners.

<blockquote>Wonder if the financial community would like that. </blockquote>

The better like it. They may eventually have to eat it.

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