Incorrectly labled win 7 upgrade software ID's my Gateway LX-6820-01

By wiredchief ·
IS there any way I can reflash my bios, sys, to stop IDing my sys as a Acer ASpire. Upgrade disc was labled correctly but that all that was right. MSFT,Gateway, and media corpwere less than helpful to the point of "tough luck"
Bought sys online (100% disabled vet. so not much I can do being housebound) Any help would be greatly appreciated. CPO USN ret DAV

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I'm not quite sure that I understand your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Incorrectly labled win 7 ...

If the computer is booting to a POST Screen you just need to open the BIOS and set the correct values.

Things like Data & Time are the more common but you should also check to see if the system is correctly identifying the CPU and installed Memory then save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

If however you attempted to Flash the BIOS with the wrong Package and the system is no longer booting to a POST Screen/Gateway Logo then those who told you Tough Luck are completely correct though a bit short on sympathy.

If the BIOS EPROM has been erased or incorrectly loaded and the system is no longer POSTing there is nothing you can do short of changing the BIOS Chip in this unit.

You can buy replacement BIOS Chips from several sources but I have only ever used BIOS Man here

I have had excellent service from them in the past and whenever I need to Flash the BIOS in a Server I always buy a new Chip and replace the Integrated Circuit. It's far less problematic doing things that way.

You do however need to know what you are doing and may require a special IC Extractor.


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Where does it say this?

by seanferd In reply to Incorrectly labled win 7 ...

Does BIOS POST/splash screen show correctly that it is a Gateway?

But the Win7 upgrade is identifying it as an Acer - where? Is this when you are trying to install, and it causes problems? Or does it just show incorrectly in System Properties?

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