Increase in physical memory causes computer to hang...........???

By doco42 ·
Finally decided to upgrade the memory of my old Athlon PC from 1Gb to 3Gb.
MB has 3 DIMM slots for a total of 3Gb.
MB manufacturer indicates max RAM allowed is 3Gb.
Bought 3-1Gb RAM modules
Plugged them in and turned it on, only to have it hang just after POST but before WinXp logo
BIOS indicates there is 3Gb of Ram on system.
If I just load 2.5 GB(2-1Gb + 512Mb) the PC boots up fine.
No matter which 1-Gb module I swap out for the
512Mb, it still boots......which would indicate that the RAM modules are OK??

Is there something in the BIOS settings I'm not seeing or are the MB specs incorrect??

Motherboard: KT266 Pro2-RU (MSI MS-6380 2.0)
BIOS: AMI V2.0 (latest flash)
Memory: Kingston PC2100 RAM modules
OS: WinXP Pro sp3

Thanks in advance

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KT266 Pro2-RU

by balge In reply to Increase in physical memo ...

hehe got one of those myself, pretty sure its supposed to support 3GB, if all your new RAM works separately in any of the slots and assuming all the slots are ok, then presumably it doesnt actually support 3GB..unless it doesnt support high density, check this -

btw did you ever use the onboard RAID and get that working?

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Onboard RAID

by doco42 In reply to KT266 Pro2-RU

No never tried to use the onboard RAID, heard good things about the Promise technology used though.

Funny thing about the RAM experience....Used Memtest86 to test each RAM module and each
one tested fine.
when attempting to update(flash) BIOS, I get
the BSD with error 'Page_Fault_in_NonPaged_Area'.
According to what info I found, this error
is caused by faulty memory......go figure.

I like the comment in the link you provided which indicates,
"whether it will work with all slots filled with High Density RAM will always be something of a punt"


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by balge In reply to Onboard RAID

think that error can mean problems with any of the RAM in the system, CPU cache, video card etc.
might be worth checking out
I've had problems with boards not supporting high density RAM properly before though

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Clear the CMOS?

by ---TK--- In reply to Increase in physical memo ...

after you installed the RAM, did you use the jumper to clear the CMOS?

I would give that a shot...

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CMOS cleared to no effect

by doco42 In reply to Clear the CMOS?

CMOS cleared via jumper had no effect.

Using default CMOS settings seems to work
with 2.5Gb of RAM but still hangs with 3Gb

According to MSI website, I've got the latest BIOS.

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try all 3 GIGS

by ---TK--- In reply to CMOS cleared to no effect

jump into the BIOS and check the Cas Latency, it should be 2.5, if its not change it to 2.5. also check the voltage it should be set to 2.5v.

I was researching your board, and some website showed screen shots of the BIOS, which reminded me (of my own issue), Checked out the speeds of your ram... If timings are set incorrectly system hanging/ "random" crashes will happen.

With in my own system, which I forgot about, RAM isn't always plug and play... Sometimes you have to adjust the speeds to get all to play right.

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Cas Latency

by doco42 In reply to try all 3 GIGS

Thanks for the info......made sure that CAS Latency was set @ 2.5 and Voltage was set
however, it made no difference.
CMOS battery has been replaced and still same
Tried to re-flash with the correct BIOS for my MB...... just caused a BSOD.
Time to either purchase new BIOS Chip or
new MB

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Error Deleting File or Folder

by stevanturk In reply to Increase in physical memo ...

Had a problem "Cannot delete file: Access is denied" the helped me.

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