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Increase keyboard response for Windows NT

By sshe ·
I have desktop PC with Windows NT operating system. When i log on as an operator/other user, the keyboard response is very very slow. But when i log on as an Administrator, it's just normal. From Microsoft website i found there's a solution for Windows 95/98/Me. But can not find any solutions for Windows NT. I applied the solution into Windows NT as Windows forum suggested to modifiy the system.ini file but there's no changes in Windows NT. Do u guys have any idea how to solve this kind of problem? Thanks in advance..

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task manager

by j.belanger In reply to Increase keyboard respons ...

have you opened the task manager to see if you can find the app that is slowing down the machine?

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app. running ok..

by sshe In reply to task manager

checked and found all appls. running below 6000k.

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If it is running fine

by w2ktechman In reply to app. running ok..

with all of the other users, except admin, either it was configured to slow the keyboard response, or something is running which is eating up resources or slows the keyboard controls.

So either look in keyboard/mice applet and configure he keyboard keys, go to accesibility options to make sure something isnt enabled there, or you will need to find the program that is causing the problem.

Also, it could very well be just a profile gone bad. In which case you may be able to move or rename ntuser.dat (from another logon) and log back in with the admin account

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Here is a question?

by w2ktechman In reply to Increase keyboard respons ...

Did you create 2 accounts with a similar name? Or is TR just being flaky for your account?

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by sshe In reply to Here is a question?

nope..there's only 1 account for user. normally if i want to use, i'll log on as admin. And user account has been setup as a default windows logon.

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Actually I meant your TR account

by w2ktechman In reply to account

because you have 1 question about NT with the same name, and then this account with 2 questions. I believe the first one was about a floppy drive.

In any event, it looks like a TR issue.

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by sshe In reply to Increase keyboard respons ...

i found the root that caused the slower response from the keyboard. compared the registry setting in HKEY_CURRENT_USER>>Control Panel>>Accessability>>Keyboard Response between admin & user account. found that the flag is different. after put the value same as admin's setting, the keyboard response back to normal.

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