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Increase my click-through ratio on Pinterest?

By matthewjohn938 ·
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How can I increase my click-through ratio on Pinterest to get more visitors to my client's blog?
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ctr on pinterest

Make Them Click
Now that you’ve created this content that solves your reader’s pain point, it’s time to make sure that you get those Pinners to click on your image and go to your website. It’s time to use a call-to-action { CTA } to make sure that they can take the next step.

Adding in the CTA is a super important part of crafting your pin description that continues their pinning journey with you. First they discover your image, see your headline on your image, read the pin description detailing the problem you’re going to solve and now you finish the process by taking then to the next step by telling the to go to your site.

Try out these simple strategies to make them click on your pins:

Know Your End Game

What is the CTA that you want them to do? It can’t just be to read your blog post. What’s the real reason that they’re going to take their valuable time to click on your link?

Some suggestions for your CTA:

Click a blog post or landing page with an affiliate link
Sign up for your opt-in to get on your email list
Schedule a session
Purchase a product
Download an ebook or workbook
Add the CTA to the image itself

Most of just add in the name of the product or put the name of our blog post in the image. Think about how you can create a smaller line of copy that adds in something like “Click here to download your FREE workbook” or “Click here to learn how these steps can help you save money!”

Use the CTA in the pin description

After you’ve included your keywords and phrases into the pin description, add in the same CTA
Make the CTA very clear

Use clear and descriptive words that will inspire them to act and let them know WHY they should do this action. Use phrases like: Click here to get the simple steps to , Buy your XYZ product to feel better today, Download your copy to start saving money on groceries

Whatever CTA you decide to use, make sure that you take advantage of the fact that you’ve already grabbed their attention in that crazy busy Pinterest feed. They’ve connected to you, you’ve given them a reason to click over to your site … and now here’s what they need to do to take the next step.

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ctr on pinterest

by matthewjohn938 In reply to ctr on pinterest

Thank you. That was very helpful. :)

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copy-write should be good

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Increase my click-through ...

Copywriting should be good, use attractive image so that people will come to your link. add a little description about the blog.

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copy-write should be good

by matthewjohn938 In reply to copy-write should be good
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Attractive image and title

by jaceytome In reply to Increase my click-through ...

Use attractive image and title for attract peoples on your pin.

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Get more clicks on your Pinterest post

by tblogqus In reply to Increase my click-through ...

1. Use multiple post image in GIF and Share video
2. You can share all types of image like your brand or your lifestyle
3. Use the text
4. Effective and short headlines
5. Write good description

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by jaceytome In reply to Increase my click-through ...

Use good title and attractive image

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