Increase performance over vpn

By kjrees ·

A user connects to the LAN via a vpn-vpn router connection (winxp client). He takes lots of pictures and stores them in his my documents\my pictures folder and has difficulty in terms of speed when viewing slide shows from the remote location. I was wondering if there were any methods in speeding this up. I was thinking along the lines of offline files, but i think this will only access files locally when disconnected from the network?

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Internet speed....

by tmalo627 In reply to Increase performance over ...

There are a few things to look at here: upload speed from where the photos are stored, download speed where he's trying to view them, and storage space on his end if planning to use offline files. If considering offline files, your user's storage capacity will need to be great enough to store the files in the cache on his end. If he has that capacity, why not just have him store a copy the files there anyway. The only other way I can think of to increase performance would be to look at your connection speeds on both ends and see what can be done to make them quicker.

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internet speed

by kjrees In reply to Internet speed....

thanks for the reply, i think the upload speed is the primary bottleneck. i can't really store the files at the remote location because the user needs access to the files when he is in the central office and the files need to be on a server to be backed up.

I'm not sure offline files is the way to go - won't the remote machine only look at cached files when the network connection is unavailable?

as it's for a home office, i was thinking maybe i could hook up an external hard drive at the remote side and sync it with the network share.

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That could work...

by tmalo627 In reply to internet speed

How often is the content updated? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Randomly?

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That could work...

by kjrees In reply to That could work...

yes the content is updated on a random basis really. I think i'll give that a should work! Thanks for the advice regarding internet speeds.

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