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By armondscavo ·
I have a photographic file that is 4x6 @72 dpi and I need to increase the size to 7x5 @300 or 150 dpi and to 11x17 at either 150 but preferably 300 dpi.

Can this be done and still have good quality? If so how?

Armond Scavo

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to increase size of small fi ...

can't do it. You'll lose quality. You can't properly add data that doesn't exist. DPI... dots per inch, you want to increase both the number of inches and how many "dots" are in each inch. What goes in those dots? It doesn't know, it doesn't have that information so it tries to guess.

I assume you already know this, but I'd advise saving everything in raw format at 300 DPI and then trim it down to web format.

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It rather depends on what you mean by DPI ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to increase size of small fi ...

Generally DPI refers to the physical dot density of an image when it is reproduced as a real physical entity, for example printed onto paper, or displayed on a monitor - BUT NOT BOTH - mainly because when printed, an image has to have many more DPI than when it was displayed on the monitor screen.

Printers can only produce one of three colours of dot (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) at a percentage dot size but always the SAME COLOUR of each ink.

Monitors can display three colours of dot (Blue, Green, Red) but in 255 different HUES of each colour.

**"A digitally stored image has no inherent physical dimensions, measured in inches or centimetres. Some digital file formats record a DPI value, or more commonly a PPI (pixels per inch) value, which is to be used when printing the image. This number lets the printer know the intended size of the image, or in the case of scanned images, the size of the original scanned object. For example, a bitmap image may measure 1000?1000 pixels, a resolution of one megapixel. If it is labeled as 250 PPI, that is an instruction to the printer to print it at a size of 4?4 inches. Changing the PPI to 100 in an image editing program would tell the printer to print it at a size of 10?10 inches. However, changing the PPI value would not change the size of the image in pixels which would still be 1000?1000. An image may also be resampled to change the number of pixels and therefore the size or resolution of the image, but this is quite different from simply setting a new PPI for the file."

**Excerpt from:

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