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Increasing network speed by segmenting LAN

By blasterdaddy ·

I have been toying with idea ever since I started seeing extreme network slow downs on my home/business Lan.

Currently I have a DSL connection thru qwest with a Broadband Access Router. With a 24 port switch providing connectivity to the devices on my LAN.

My wife works from home and has always been concerned with her work devices being on the LAN with everything else.

Network Config.

Router -----}}}}}} Switch ---}}}} PCs, Media Servers, Directv receivers, and a server.

There are a total of 1 Server, 12 PCs attached, 2 SlingBox's, a Slingcatcher, 2 XBox Consoles and various Wireless devices i.e. iTouchs, and Phones.

This totals about 18 devices, which does not include my test lab of devices being put on net and off all the time.

Would a configuration of DSL to Broadband Router, to Hub (to Split ethernet) to 3 maybe 4 routers, with the various device divided up on the routers, help with the congestion on my network. say

Router A having my wife's Home Devices for her work.
Router B having the Media Servers, i.e. sling boxes and such.
Router C PCs
Router D PCs

I would configure the Routers a b c d with dedicated IP address from the broadband router, and allow the remote devices to obtain their IPs from these routers.


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