By vksanty ·
I have partition of c , d ,e; Currently out of 10 GB in C drive, only 300 KB is left out

How do i increase the size of this drive without reformatting

I have over 20 GB in the other drives

Thank You in advance

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by geekdoe In reply to INCREASING SIZE OF MY C D ...

These might help:

1. Remove unused application

2. Clear all of your browser's cache (or at least set the maximum size lower)

3. Remove all files in C:\WINDOWS\Temp and C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp (if you have several users on your computer, do it on each user's *\Local Settings\Temp

4. Remove files which are created automatically by applications you use (usually created by the application as a back up). The file extensions are usually: .bak, .tmp, .backup, .old (please be extra careful with this)

5. Run the Disk Cleanup utility that shipped with Windows (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup)

6. Compress old, rarely used files and move it to another drive.


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Use Partition Magic

by gameparadise In reply to INCREASING SIZE OF MY C D ...

I recommend using Partition Magic 8. I use it in my job all the time and with great results. The only thing is you need to know how to do use it. It is possible to loose your data if you dont know what you are doing. Its not hard. Here is a link that shows how to use an older version 5, which is similar.

If you dont have Partition Magic 8, it is easily availble cheaply on ebay, or another option are the freeware versions, which I havent tried, but have heard they also work. In any case, if you are not sure you are doing it right, its better to ask first. Good luck.

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On the face of it

by tintoman In reply to Use Partition Magic

The advice you have been given is good advice, however it is also, and always will be a matter of professional opinion which is the best way to go about this.
One thing is for sure, you will have to use 3rd party software to achieve it, my preferred choice would be to make an image file with norton ghost and then replace the drive for a larger size and reinstall the image.
Don't forget that partition magic is also known as partition tragic in this industry and not without reason.

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be careful

by dlandmesser In reply to On the face of it

Just be careful. If you are using NTFS and rezise partitions they might not report correctly to Windows after resizing them. This can make it difficult to add more data to C:. Hope that helps. If you have the option to flatten and start over you might want to.

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