Increasing the partition size of a system drive

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I need to ask a question on increasing the size of my system drive (C:) of my one NAS server. I have 2 partitions on my Iomega 400, 9Gb for C and 672 for D. I have been asked to increase the size of C as with all the updates and Windows related files, my C drive is now out of space.

My boss has asked me to increase the size and if I'm correct it can be done using partitioning tools it just that I have never done this before and thought I would ask first if there is an easy to use partition tool that I can use to increase the partition size.

My backups are all working and I am going to do a system recovery image before I do this obviously, it's just that never having increased a partition without formatting before, I just want to make sure.

Besides the backups, is there anything else I must take in to consideration before I increase the size?

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this isn't easy

by Who Am I Really In reply to Increasing the partition ...

I just did a resize recently and it's not easy

here are the simplified steps
1> backup everything on drive(s) of the non OS partition(s) either by copying to another HDD or with a backup program
2> in disk management delete all non OS partition(s), every logical drive & partition except C
3> take a full backup image of the C drive with real backup software such as Acronis True Image, or Symantec: Backup Exec System Recovery etc.
4> if you have an OS that supports hot partition resizing this is where you change the partition size in disk management
5> be sure to leave enough room to restore the files to the previously deleted drive(s) / partition(s)

- if you don't have an OS that supports hot partition resizing then here's where it gets hard
1> start the system with a windows CD and use it to delete the C partition and recreate the partition to the desired size but don't format it
2> exit the windows install before installing and start the system with the recovery disc created or provided by the backup program and start the system recovery process to the newly created partition
3> once the recovery is completed restart the system and boot back into windows and begin the process of recovering the files to the other partition(s)

- for XP a minimum recommended C partition size for OS & Programs only, and all user data stored on other drives / partitions is 30 - 60 GB or larger depending on the amount of programs installed

- for vista or 7 120GB or more is recommended for OS & programs only

- for any of the Server OS it depends on what the server is setup to do.

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by ndveitch In reply to this isn't easy

Thanx for the help. I am only going to attempt this on the weekend when there is no one in the office and my backups have run successfully.

Thank-you for the advice.

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Well the System Disc size is fairly easy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Increasing the partition ...

But you need to follow a few basic steps first. You can use GParted to first reduce the size of the larger Partition ands then increase the size of the smaller one

Or probably the easiest way here is to wipe the drive as you'll be doing a full Backup anyway and then Partition as required and then use a Cloning Utility like Acronis or whatever cloning utility you have

To clone the Backup to the New Partitions.


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Partition Magic Server Helps You Increase System Partition Size Easily

by Jeffrey zachary In reply to Increasing the partition ...

As this Question quiet for a while, I wonder if you have solved your problem. Assuming you have fixed, in case of who have the same problem. I'll throw some ideas out there to make the complicated simple. There are many <a href="">Partition Magic Server</a> software can help you complete the task without losing data. There is a step by step tutorial to increase system partition size of Windows 2003. I hope it will be helpful.

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