Incredibly slow boot up

By nebheprura ·
Compaq computer with Windows XP SP2, 2.2ghz processor with 1.43GB PC3200 DDR 400 memory. The problem is whenever you reboot the system or simply start it up, during the re-boot it gets to the Windows XP splash screen and just takes FOREVER! The little dash that goes back and forth on this screen actually stops moving and locks in middle of window almost as if it has stopped working. Then after about 45 seconds or so, it moves to next stage. By the time it gets to the Windows logon screen, a good couple minutes or so has passed by. Then after logon it takes forever to load the startup items, which includes Norton Internet Security Suite 2005. I have gone into msconfig and disabled all but the Norton for start-up and nothing changes with the time and speed of boot-up at all. Have defragmented, ran chkdsk couple times, used spybot and adaware programs, ran anti-virus, and disk cleanup; yet nothing seems to make the boot-up to the logon any faster. No problems seemed to be found with harddisk, so I have run out of solutions. Was thinking it takes so long because the harddrive is so big (184GB), but not sure. Never really heard of any kind of issue like that because of hard drive size, but then again, this is the first time I have worked with one as big. Need help badly.

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by NDS84 In reply to Incredibly slow boot up

you want my honest opinion, I would remove Norton Internet Security Suite 2005 and use the Windows based firewall with some for of Anti Virus (and only anti virus). I know you mentioned you had run spy ware software but I would recommend getting Microsoft Windows Defender, look into Software Explorer within MS Def and do a full scan, I have seen that program work ?magic?. Also unless your HD is failing, its size has nothing to do with the speed or lack thereof.

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Norton is always a part of it

by nebheprura In reply to If..

Norton causes way too many issues for systems for something that is supposed to be helping people. The computer does not belong to me, otherwise Norton would have been off it a LONG time ago. They like it though because it's easy for them to use without the hassles that having separate programs can. Only thing is that it takes just as long to boot-up in safe mode as well. Seems like the Norton would only effect the system AFTER logon, not before would'nt it?

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by NDS84 In reply to Norton is always a part o ...

I am going to play the ignorance card here, I stopped using Symantec products about 5 years ago and never looked back so I really don?t know. Who knows the heinous operations its might be performing during the boot.

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