Increse Drive C disk space while the OS is running

By naderhani ·
my PC conatins two partitions Drive C which holds the operating system(win XP) and drive D, what i want to do is to decrese the Drive D and Increse Drive C disk space, can i do that while the operating system is running? if yes how can i do that?

NB the two partitions are Formated with NTFS

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How are these 2 partitions populated ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Increse Drive C disk spac ...

What size is each partition and how much of each is still free space?

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Free amount

by naderhani In reply to How are these 2 partition ...

Drve C is 15 GB one GB of them are free, Drive D 78GB and 30B are free

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That's less than 7% free space on C ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Free amount

Your system partition is in serious danger of locking up and the entire system is probably already running slow with that reduced level of free space.

As has been suggested elsewhere you should firstly create a Pagefile on your partition then remove the Pagefile from the C: partition.

You'll then have to reboot.

Depending on what kind of computer you have, you should Disable the Hibernation File, if you have one - that will free up some much-needed space.

You could MOVE your Document&Settings folder from C: to - depending on how many text files, image files, and music files you have - they could all exist quite happily on your partition (the system will still be able to find and work with them.

That would give you some breathing space in the short term.

You might then give some serious thought to WHAT you have installed on the C: partition, whether it needs to be on the C: partition, indeed whether it need to be installed at all. Anything you cannot do without could be uninstalled then reinstalled onto the partition.

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None that I am aware of at least

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Increse Drive C disk spac ...

But you can use a product like GParted and boot off that to alter the Partition Sizes. But I am unaware of anything that will do this with Windows actually running.



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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to None that I am aware of a ...

DiskPart will work on XP if the partitions are already created. However, as you know, it's a command line thing. It's not for the faint at heart. One can easily destroy the entire system. :-&

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Partition Magic

by Jacky Howe In reply to Increse Drive C disk spac ...

will let you do it but drive will have to be emptied of information first.

Sounds like a good time to backup all of your data and reinstall the Operating System. Then you can delete and recreate your Partitions. I like to work in multiples of 4096 so multiply that by 6 or 8 and you have a Primary Partition of 24576 or 32768 depending on what you intend to install on the Primary Partition. The smaller the better as the read and write heads don't have to travel so far.
The same method is used for any other Partitions that are created. Windows seems to like it and perform better by setting it up like this.
If I install Games I install them on a seperate Partition and I only keep the basics on the primary Partition. I even redirect My Documents to another Partition.

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You can still purchase

by Jacky Howe In reply to Partition Magic

Partition Magic 8

<a href="http://symantec-norton.com/Norton_PartitionMagic_8.0_p17.aspx?lang=en-AU&par=goo_au_partition_magic_8&gclid=CJHt9Z_cppkCFVMwpAodfll6qg" target="_blank"><u>PartitionMagic_8.0</u></a>

You use the GUI to setup your Partitions and then it will do a restart and set them up for you.

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by naderhani In reply to Partition Magic

i tried to splite drive D using partition magic and then merage the splited part with Drive C but the splited command is not active, do you know why?

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Did you read the manual

by Jacky Howe In reply to Splite

or check the help files. drive should be empty and you should be resizing C: if there is any space left after resizing C: use XP to reallocate the empty space.

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Pagefile Configuration

by sona_harry76 In reply to Increse Drive C disk spac ...

Configure the windows pagefile to be stored on the drive D and after that delete the pagefile.sys from C drive.

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