Industrial Cat5e Cable - Is It Really a Thing?

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I have a fairly new business doing office wiring and I now have a sales opportunity to do the wiring for a manufacturing company, including the plant floor.

My prospective client says they require "industrial Cat5e cable" that is chemical- and heat-resistant. Essentially, he's telling me it gets hot in there, there's chemicals, and there may be electrical interference, so don't just give us regular shielded ethernet cable.

I know there's cheap cabling and good cabling, and we always buy quality. My sense is the stuff we normally buy would be fine, but I don't want to appear uninformed. Is there actually such a thing as "industrial" ethernet cable, and if so who makes it? Thanks.

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Cat5e details

by stevejacob68 In reply to Industrial Cat5e Cable - ...

Yes this type of cable do exist, Cat 5e is the enhancement of Car 5 cable. Here Cat stands for category. All the related details given here related to this type of cable :
And if you need to know the manufacturer name of this type of cable, you can google it by typing cat56 cable manufacturer in U.S.A.

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Cat 5e for industrial use

by johnfairley In reply to Industrial Cat5e Cable - ...

There definitely are vendors that sell Ethernet cables that perform well in industrial environments like the one you are talking about.

FEP teflon coating would be a good call for your client -- chemical resistant and handles very high temps.

Also, check out

Alpha Wire is top-notch cable. You can buy it at -- I would go that route if I were you and if your client is willing to pay for quality.

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