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Industry Employment Ratios and Standards

By Squishem ·
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I'm a new user here at TechRepublic, and I'm very excited to be here. I've been looking for a professional forum to bounce around questions to other IT profs like myself for a long time.

I work in a very small IT department that does very big things. I help keep things running for a school district here in Oregon. We have a single Admin with three technicians and a Database Manager. I'm one of those technicians. I have no formal training, minus a healthy thirst for Google results. We have about 600 adult users, around 3100 student users, and roughly 1500 machines. We get new technology almost daily and we have an untold number or proprietary peripherals(SMARTBoards, projectors, printers, document cameras, scanners, etc.)

My question is, at what point are we considered too small for the task we are given? I know there are many other IT departments that consist of a few generalists and heavy work weeks, but what are the actual thresholds for requiring more people?

I'd like to see what kind of technician to computer ratios you guys have out there. Maybe someone could quote an industry standard that gives me something to work with.

How do you cope with ridiculous obstacles that you simply aren't qualified to tackle? I deal with things that are WAY above my pay-grade on a daily basis. I enjoy these challenges, but as I get comfortable with one task my responsibilities with another start slipping.

Thanks for any input on the subject!

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Welcome to TR!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Industry Employment Ratio ...

You might want to check out the FAQ and New Users Guide:

As to the point when you considered too small: I don't know where that point is, but with 3700 users and 1500 machines to 5 support staff, you're well past it. Staffing recommendations vary; some are based on the number of systems, others on the number of users.

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by Squishem In reply to Welcome to TR!

Thanks for the response! I appreciate the links, they were quite helpful. I agree that were more than over-burdened, but I'm hoping I can get some examples of what your department might look like. Staffing models must exist for this sort of thing. Perhaps Google has the answer...

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Google knows all...

by Squishem In reply to Thanks

Well, as usual, the answer was 10 minutes into Google. It seems that on average, technician to user ratios run at 1:27. I laughed when I read this, as we're currently at 1:120 if you don't count the 3100 students.

Another model claimed that a target technician to computer ratio would be 1:25. Either way I'm in dire straights. Regardless, I figured I share these results in case anyone else out there is curious.

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