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Infected Virus-Forced closing browser when the page contained some keywords

By jordan65hk ·
Dear friends

I believed my PC is infected with some sort of virus or spyware. Adnormal behavior include the following:

- When I tried to use search enginee such as Google, input key words such as "antispyware", "spyware", "antivirus", the searched result page will popup but closed immediately. If the keyword is some other thingsd such as "software", "adware", there is no problem.

- Unable to open previously installed Anti-Spyware software. The application will open and then closed again. But using a software with the name "Adware XXX" is ok.

- Unable to install an Anti-Spyware program from the program folder. Once click on "Run" it will close.

- Sometime the Dos Command Page will popup with some strange sentence in there, e.g. "Wait, your window is closing now." something like that.

- When using MSN, sometimes the dialogue window will close by itself and the other side will receive a strange IP address which is unable to open. Then I have to logout from the MSN and login before I can chat again.

Any expert or victims have any insights? Appreciate.

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What spyware were you running?

by Maevinn In reply to Infected Virus-Forced clo ...

I'd say you have an infection, and cleanup is going to be your best bet. Pick up an alternate spyware software package (I usually run three different programs) and install it. Without knowing what you have, it's hard to recommend something--I've been happy with Spybot and SpyBlaster--Spybot will clean out, but SB just prevents installations in the freeware version.

Once you get something new installed, run it and see if it will give you a better name to search on for a removal tool. I tried searching on Adware XXX, but unfortunately, XXX is blocked from my current location.

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Any software contained the word Spyware and Virus won't open

by jordan65hk In reply to What spyware were you run ...

I used several kinds of anti-Spyware applications, include Window Defender, Spyware Plus, Lavasoft, ClamWin. But it told me no spyware or virus found. And my Anti-Spareware and ClamWin won't open now because it contained the "Spyware" and "Virus".

But I just found out there is an exe.file running in my PC called fifa2007. I believe it is a Trojan virus (as reported in the Computer Associate Blog) and hopefully it is the root cause. I tried to end its process in the Task Manager but it kept coming back. However, none of those spyware application can spot it out. I am trying to clear it manually.

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Have you scanned your computer with an antivirus software?

by NI70 In reply to Infected Virus-Forced clo ...

If not go to Trend Micro's online scanner and/or or

If you don't have any antivirus software try avast! it's free. I like it and it works very well. Another free antivirus software is AVG

Edited to add if you're still using Internet Exploitable, I mean Exploer, switch to an alternative browser such as Opera or Firefox They're more secure than IE.

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Infected Virus-Forced closing browser when the page contained some keywords

by jlungo In reply to Infected Virus-Forced clo ...

Hello, have you got a solution, share to us. if not, i have some idea.

This is a virus called "win32:Lrcbot-ACC [Trj]

The good news is that you can simply fix it!

step 1: just get a free antivirus - i use avast -

Step 2: boot your computer in safe mode. to go into safe mode you need to start the computer and continuosly press F8 key until you get the options. choose safe mode.

Step3: while in safe mode, install the antivirus - avasat in my case.

at the end of your installation, set schedule virus scan at boot.

i hope this will fix your problem

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Browser closes with search terms "spyware"

by lasergame In reply to Infected Virus-Forced clo ...

I have the same problem. Whenever I use certain search terms in Google, or other search engines, browsers such as both Firefox and IE immediately close. If I alter the spelling of the search term to "Spiware" it will not close. It is very fishy and appears to be a virus. Please help.

I have run similar scans and looked for spyware using Adware and Spybot with no luck.

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Avast did the trick

by lasergame In reply to Browser closes with searc ...

A trojan DLL and TMP virus was to blame. I started Avast on boot up and it found them. Nothing else would find these virus.

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got the name of the trojan?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Avast did the trick

or is it one of those damn things that names itself randomly.

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Cannot boot in safe mode?

by naka5hima In reply to Browser closes with searc ...

what if i cant boot in safe mode?

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