Infernal Exploder not opening

By .Martin. ·
and before anyone starts preaching 'use another program', I ain't using it, and some 'computer novices' are hard to convince to move away from the program they have always used.

I am having a problem with one of my Hp machines (running vista home premium 32-bit). whenever a standard user tries to open it, it doesn't, the computer thinks for a bit, then nothing. Administrators can open IE with no problems, IE even works from a standard user's account if you right click and choose run as administrator.

Computer Specs:
Windows Vista SP2 32-bit (all Updates)
IE 8
Nvidia 8800GT

*NOTE. this is a new install, was working before, after reinstall it wasn't. the only new program I have installed was MagicDisc, which I have uninstalled, with no luck*



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Fiddle in the properties.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Infernal Exploder not ope ...

The Security tab. Add standard users to the list of Group or User Names.
That's my two cents...

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None of my business but...

by Ron K. In reply to Fiddle in the properties.

I've looked all over in IE8's Security tab and there's nothing for adding standard users to a Group or User Names.

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couldn't find any either {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to None of my business but.. ...
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Not from within the program.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Fiddle in the properties.

Right-click on it at the start menu level.

If IE8 doesn't let you control who uses it from the OS level, I ain't goin' there. :0

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Whenever I have Internet Exploder problems...

by Ron K. In reply to Infernal Exploder not ope ...

I reset all of the defaults available under Tools |Internet Options including the Advanced page and Reset all IE options there too.

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Didn't work

by .Martin. In reply to Whenever I have Internet ...

what is interesting is that changing a standard user to an admin doesn't help

also what I don't understand is that this has been happening since windows was installed a few weeks ago.

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by Charvell In reply to Didn't work

You said you reinstalled Vista a few weeks ago, did you check to make sure you reset the UAC settings to match what they were at before the reinstall?

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Firewall? Security tools? Autoruns?

by Ron K. In reply to Infernal Exploder not ope ...

Just guessing, now.<br>

A software firewall like Online Armor will keep a component of IE from running, stopping the whole works. I scan my firewall log occasionally whenever something doesn't work. I've found the solution there twice now.<br>
You may have logs for other security tools that are worth a look.<br>
My router blocks applications too. Sometimes it does so seemingly on a whim. Sidenote-Router for sale.

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OH Smeg had a post the other day.

by Ron K. In reply to Firewall? Security tools? ...

He said that IE8 sometimes won't work properly installed over IE7. The solution was to uninstall IE8 and IE7, go back to IE6 and install IE8 from there. I pretty sure that's what he said. I'd try it.

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