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By elorba68 ·
I need good software to keep an eye on my spouse?

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Please Lord PLease

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Infidelity

... let this be the Friday Yuk?

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Nope, I think it's still....

by dawgit In reply to Please Lord PLease

Just as long as I'm not the spouse he/she wants to be checking. Personally I call that software illegal spy-ware. -d

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to dawgit

by elorba68 In reply to Nope, I think it's still. ...

Why do you think it's illegal?
The only way to know is to find out!

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by dawgit In reply to to dawgit

Now why would I think that?
See my reply to JD below. It used to be a good rule of thumb. The diference is when done right, you'll get facts. Other wise it's done on emotions, and usually is looked at as hearsay, he said / she said.
At the very least get a (this hurts) Lawer. Use a licenced, bonded Private Dective (They are covered by laws, and insurance) It does make a difference between a Court Case, and a messy time in the Courts. -d

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In the States, many are no-fault divorce states

by jdclyde In reply to uummmmm....

So it doesn't MATTER if the spouse is cheating or not, and will have no effect when you go to court on anything, from support to custody.

( your mileage may very based on where you live )

The one way it CAN help is if you have this documentation and your ex decides it is not in their best interests to have it made public.

It is amazing how reasonable unreasonable people can be when given certain choices.

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other foot..

by Shellbot In reply to Nope, I think it's still. ...

what if you were the spouse who needed to know what was going on?

rock and a hard place Dawg..
we did it to my kid last year, felt horrible to have to do it..but when we found out she was hanging around with a drug dealer 10 years older than her..we didn't feel quite so bad after all.

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I was the other foot...

by dawgit In reply to other foot..

I know what it feels like, (never again) but still... just the thought of buggy spy-ware on my computer... creepy. -d

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it is perfectly legal

by jdclyde In reply to Nope, I think it's still. ...

as long as it is YOUR system you are putting it on.

Do NOT put it on any system that isn't yours, or you can get in a lot of trouble.

In the case of a cheating spouse, they are in the same home, using the same PC's.

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That only works..

by dawgit In reply to it is perfectly legal

1) It is YOUR computer. (You're correct on that)
2) It's a community computer. As in the household computer. (If access is un-controled, it might not hold up though)
3) The presense of / or exsistance of a Court Order.
But now days, it seems all rules are out the window anyway, so I guess anything goes. -d

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As long as it is personal property

by jdclyde In reply to That only works..

if it is a company laptop (for example) then you would not be legally able to do this, but as long as it is a household system, it is still community property and legal.

Of course you have to be careful as some of the programs might get detected by a adware/malware/AV scanner.

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