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Infinate data storage and networking

By usassociatesllc ·
I have designed a product that I need a partner to help me bring it to market. It makes it possible to send endless information over the web. (or intranet) Also it allows a person to store endless information on one hard drive. I need funding to help the product to be profitable. Do you have any ideas? or suggestions of who I could speak with?

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Infinite? Endless?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Infinate data storage and ...

via the finite?
I bet you have a perpetual motion machine too.

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NO! this person means InfinATE!

by Dr Dij In reply to Infinite? Endless?

like the hard drive ATE the data!


Spins so fast it modifies the laws of physics and mater:

This classifies the drive as WOM (Write Only Memory). Very secure! You need a WOM - Binary Access Terminal (or WOMBAT) to double check and access a copy of the data as it enters the black hole.

This drive stores infinATE data,
transfers it via infinATEthernet to another fractal quantum reality bubble universe!

Using QUANTUM ENCRYPTION in the AETHERLINK (related to PHLOGISTON LINKS), you can get an infinATE data rate!

The data can't be read back out of the black hole, making it VERY SECURE! You have to wait till the black holes evaporate by quantum heat radiation 100 trillion years from now. This could be real handy if you happen to be GOD (the Giver Of Data) or a large silvery sphere computer that exists in several dimensions beyond our present space and is pondering the ULTIMATE QUESTION: "Can Entrophy be reversed? "

Then, 100 trillion years from now, as the universe winds down and protons are torn apart, your silvery sphere computer retrieves the data, completes the calculations and declares "Let there be light!" as it reverses the universal expansion into the next BIG BANG!!!!!

(thanks Asimov!)

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