Infinite Chkdsk Loop

By atozzolino ·
After installing Internet Explorer 7 successfully, I began experiencing a warning nag that my c:\$Secure file is currupt and to run Chkdsk. Tiring of the nag, I opened the command prompt and ran chkdsk. I was then propted to run chkdsk /F after chkdsk completed its scan. When the computer rebooted, I became trapped inside this unending loop of chkdsk and reboots. The computer does not respond to my USB input to skip the utility operation and load Windows XP. What are my options at this point?

Best Regards,

Andrew Tozzolino.

P.S. I have since learned that there is an issue with installing IE7 with Norton AV enabled that precipitates this anomaly.

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Boot in Safe Mode

by Maevinn In reply to Infinite Chkdsk Loop

Try booting in Safe Mode. Once the OS opens, you should be able to apply a fix (presuming one exists). Else, you can at least roll back to IE6.

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Chkdsk loop escape

by atozzolino In reply to Boot in Safe Mode

Mavyn, Thank you for your timely reply. Between the time I posted my question and your response, I did take the Safe Mode approach, but with the command prompt. Poking around for options, I followed a recommendation to enter the command chkntfs /x c: directing the computer to exclude the c: drive from the chkdsk operation. It worked. Once windows returned, I uninstalled IE7, and the corrupt c:/$Secure nag appears to have gone. Now Microsoft is now nagging me to update the OS to IE7, where all the difficulties began. I can live with that for the time being.

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Seems to be something else than NAV problem.

by georg.georgsson In reply to Chkdsk loop escape

I have two computers with Swedish XP Home, that got upgraded tonight.
Computer 1, with NIS 2007 did not get any problems.
Computer 2, with NAV 2006 got stuck in the loop.

So unfortunately, it?s not that simple as just incompatibility between IE7 and NAV.
So I started to wonder what could be the difference. Then I realized that Computer 2 needed some updates, so here is what I did:

1. Rolled back IE to IE6 (problem dissapeared after restart).
2. Updated Media Player to Ver. 11
3. Ran Windows Update and installed ALL updates, except IE7!. (Needed to do this couple of times, until all Framework and Net updates were ok.
4. Restarted the Computer and Installed IE7, without any problems! (NAV 2006 active all the time)

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IE7 nagging

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Chkdsk loop escape

Next time you're in the Updates utility, select Custom instead of Express. Look for the IE7 update, click the '+' to expand the description of IE7, and check the box marked "Don't bother me with this again".

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Corrupted C:\$ Secure - Infinite Chkdsk Loop

by fabio.lauretti In reply to Infinite Chkdsk Loop

I installed IE 7 last week, but I

immediately got a windows error.

C:\$Secure corrupt or unreadable,

please run ckdsk. It kept popping up.

Over 3 days, I ran all the chkdsk every time I rebooted.

No help. Finally, I uninstalled IE7.

Guess what, the error message disappeared.

I have Windows XP Pro.

And now it works perfectly again!

So I have downloaded the IE7 Full without connecting to the internet and now it works.

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by mrhappysbluegrass In reply to Infinite Chkdsk Loop

I got this problem. I had CHKDSK scheduled on 2 partitions. It ran OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I had a bunch of other incident tickets to handle.

It must've ran all day, then finally around 4pm the system booted and I was back to my original problems.

(eventlog logging error at mem address 4764.)

I'm replacing drive anyway because I've never seen chkdsk do this and i think there is something wrong with drive integrity.

Has anyone else had it self heal like this?
I've only seen one iteration of chkdsk then it comes up, never 4,5,6 iterations.

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by Aiden505 In reply to Infinite Chkdsk Loop

Hi, I had this problem this day and too made
the "Solutions" as you made but they didn't
work for me. But I know how to remove it now.
I'll show you step by step...
1. Uninstall IE7
2. Insert XP disk and reboot
3. In the XP menu press R to repair.
4. When in on the console Type CHKDSK /r
5. reboot and you are done!

Hope this helps

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