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INFMSCTF.exe error

By jdclyde ·
Working on a Toshiba M30x S214.
Running WinXPsp2.

About every five minutes I get a c++ error calling infmsctf.exe. You click on "ok" and it goes away.

It seems to be a missing file that is suppose to be in the Windows directory.

Google has been no help (it let me down!)

Looking in event manager doesn't give me any more information than the fact that there was an issue with the file.

My understanding is this has been going on for a "few weeks". ~sigh~

Yes, I got a lot of malware off of the system, and applied all of the updates.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to INFMSCTF.exe error


I've just done a search for that file on a fully patched and loaded XP Pro system and it doesn't exist on this system at all in any form.

I would be betting that it was connected with some Male Ware that hasn't been removed completely.

If all the programs installed are working you'll most likely have the edit the Registry to clean out the problem.

If the owner can tell you what it was that they did before this started to happen it might help but I would guess that the answer will be along the lines of It just started happening I didn't do anything!

Anyway it's not part of Win XP Pro, Office XP Pro, any of the usual utilities that are always installed, Nero, Power DVD, all the Corel Products, Printer or Scanner Programs, Norton's , Trend Micro, Zonex AV programs, ATI applications, or any Accounting Packages.

Maybe Iolo's System Mechanic will clean the Registry and solve the problem for you and save you doing it manually.

Just grab a copy of System Mechanic not the Pro version as it only has an AV Program over the standard one & for a 30 day trial it's not worth the effort but it has a decent Registry Cleaner in the program that might cure this problem.


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by jdclyde In reply to

While SysMechanic didn't solve this issue, it DID find and fix several other issues.


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by OnTheRopes In reply to INFMSCTF.exe error

Is the screensaver set at 5 minute intervals by any chance?

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by OnTheRopes In reply to

My thinking is that there are some programs that are set to activate when the screensaver kicks on. SETI@Home is the one that comes to mind first, I'm sure there are others.

If one of those screensaver programs were improperly uninstalled it may only show an error if the screensaver were to try to start.

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by jdclyde In reply to

This error message pops up while using it AND when idle. If related to the screensaver, it sould only happen when idle.

Thanks for trying!

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by jdclyde In reply to INFMSCTF.exe error

I had also done a search of another XP system, and also was unable to find this file, so it is not a system file.

I will try the registry tool from Col on Tuesday when I get the system back to work on again.

Will have more information to post early Tuesday EST.

Thanks everyone!

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by OnTheRopes In reply to INFMSCTF.exe error

System Mechanic, as Col recommends, is an excellent tool. In addition to that I also use the free "Regseeker" registry editor. Regseeker is available at Take care with the registry keys that Regseeker highlights in red.

Microsoft's- "Clean-up Scan" is also worth a try. I've found it to be an easy way to get a quick registry tuned-up. If there are any registry items that finds but doesn't fix, investigating those items manually with regedit may lead you to a solution.

Like anti-spyware tools, I haven't found any single registry editor that does it all.

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by jdclyde In reply to

regseeker helped me find in the registry under /usbprint/ the reference.

There are two USB printers (HP) and it is possible that one of them might not have been installed correctly (the home one done by the user, but I can't say that...).

I uninstalled both printers and the user will reinstall them both.

Will see if that will do it.


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by Nilt In reply to INFMSCTF.exe error

I'd presume Hal's correct in the malware assumption. Have you scanned for that yet?

Along the Registry utility lines, there's a nifty app called Crap Cleaner that can handle Registry issues but also clears temporary files that Windows doesn't delete. In general I leave the Registry alone but when you have an actual error it's worth trying.

Anyhow, it's handy and free (if you uncheck the Yahoo box) so here ya go:

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by jdclyde In reply to

Looks like a printer issue, not a malware, but thanks anyways!

CC didn't find anything, but to be fair, I ran them in the order that I recieved the recommendations so it is possible that it would have done what the others had first crack at.

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