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    Info needed – Compaq Proliant ML350


    by guru of d0s ·

    Hey people…as usual I’m fiddling around with stuff from the junk box, and came across a motherboard from a Compaq (or maybe HP!) Proliant ML350 server. It’s a first generation so has two Slot 1 sockets for PIII CPU’s.

    I no longer have a Proliant, but would like to get the board up and running. I need some pin-out info on a couple of the board connectors:

    1) The 10 pin secondary power connector, marked as PS2 on the mobo. The original 300 watt psu has this in addition to the standard (?) ATX 20 pin connector – probably for extra current to the Processor Power Modules (PPM/VRM). What are the voltages on the extra 10 pin plug and what are the pin-outs?

    2) The front Panel Connector. It’s a 12 way header but only goes to two LED’s and the switch. I have an LED on the board which is lit to indicate presence of the +5v STANDBY line from an ATX PSU.

    I found a couple of matched processors, some memory and a couple of VRM’s but can’t seem to kick this board into life. Compaq and HP support documentation is lousy at best!

    Help please!!

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