Infopath 2007, generated email and missing file attachment

By CCeComm ·

I have created quite a basic form in Infopath 2007 which is published to its own document library on a Sharepoint 2007 server and accessible through a browser.

I have set its submit options to email the results of the form as it and not as a attachment to a pre-specified address.

All works well apart from the attached file field on the form. The user can browse and upload a file as expected and even submit the form - but the email generated doesn't contain the attached file and instead just has the text 'File Attachment' where I presume the attached file should be.

Can anyone let me know where I'm going wrong? The email account it is going to is a Lotus Notes one, but I've tried sending it to a testing Gmail account also and the same applies.



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Did you find any soultion

by piku55 In reply to Infopath 2007, generated ...


Did you find any solution to this issue Cris, I'm experiencing the same here and would appreciate any input.


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No Luck!

by CCeComm In reply to Did you find any soultion

Hello Mark,

Unfortunately, I didn't find a solution to this. I didn't find much information on it at all which I found odd - thought it might have been quite a common feature to want.

After a fair bit of searching, all I could find was a dismissive post elsewhere which made out this feature was never meant to work through a browser - not very helpful really.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance.



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