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Infopath and Excel

By Oook! ·
I've been having a play with Infopath & wondered if anyone had worked out how to get it to send information to an Excel database?
I love the look & feel of the forms, but need Excel to analyse the returned info. The idea being that we use an email based form in inforpath that is returned & the data transferred to an Excel workbook.
So.. now I'm stuck. My brain hurts & I'm after the easy answer s I obviously can't find the 'right' words to ask the Infopath help...
Can anyone offer any help?

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Easy, but obscure

by GSG In reply to Infopath and Excel

I just finished doing this...

Click on File | Export to...
Then click on Microsoft Offic Excel

It is DEFINITELY not in a printable format. You'll have to re-size your columns, etc... and do the formatting, but it's very simple to do.

EDIT: There is a pretty good tutorial at

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infopath to excel

by kpaulson In reply to Infopath and Excel

Sorry to bother but I have what I think is a very simple problem. I have Infopath, 2003, but I do not have Sharepoint. I created a simple yes no questionnaire using Infopath. This form is not going to be on a website. It will be used locally on our intranet.

What I have found out is that I can save the forms as form1 from2 and so on. After that I can then export to excel by selecting all the forms using Infopath. Works perfectly.

What I would like to have happen is when one is done filling out a form then they would hit submit or save or whatever and the data would automatically export to excel. The next time a form is filled out then the data would export and add on to the same excel spreadsheet and so on. I would end up with a excel spread sheet with all the data from as many forms that were filled out. The excel spreadsheet would live in the same directory as the Infopath form.

You would think this would be a simple task for Infopath but I cannot find anyway to do it. Is it really that difficult?


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did you find a solution?

by retiredandlikeit In reply to infopath to excel

have you found an answer? I have the same puzzle and would like to know how to do it?

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Yes, I have the same problem... but no solution

by asorondo In reply to did you find a solution?

If somebody out there knows the answer, I will be VERY pleased.

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